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News Articles & Picture Submissions
Submissions must be pertaining to a News Release of a new product, or a pictorial submission regarding a recent stone project. Articles soliciting sales of regular products will be declined.

Please read complete instructions before attempting to use the program.
(You may also wish to print this page as a reference.)

Instructions for submitting a News Article, Press Release, or Pictorial Submission of a recent Project

1. Select a format for your article:

2. Browse your computer to select the image you wish to add. Images should be in .jpg or .gif format only and in low resolution format no larger than 300 x 300 pixels.

3. Enter your text, using the formatting tools provided.

Don't forget to identify yourself. Please provide your contact information: company name & address, project location, e-mail address, web site URL, phone number, etc.
If you wish to add a direct link to your website, be sure your address begins with http://www.

4. Click upload
6. A preview should appear on the right side of the screen. Use the tools provided to Delete or Edit your image and/or text.

5. Add a second or third, fourth, etc. image plus text for each BEFORE you save your article. Finish the entire article before clicking Save.

6. When you have completed your article in its entirity, provide an appropriate name for it and click Save.

7. You may click on Preview at any time to see how your article will appear on line.

8. You will be prompted to register in order to use the program. This will allow you to edit your article after it has been saved.

9. Pending approval, your article will appear on-line within 24 hours.

Click here to submit an article

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