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Stone Referal Services can refer you to a stone company depending on the type of selection and volume you desire. To better assist you in locating a supplier for your next stone project, please review the following:

  • Use the form below and list each material separately, denoting the quantity of each stone and list the specifications (size and thickness; finish) for each separately.
  • Give a job name to your project.
  • If your project is small (under 500 square feet), refer to our directory and look first for a local source listed for your area.
    Freight charges will negate any savings on small orders, so a local source is usually most cost effective on small orders.
  • Quantity must be specified or no referral will be sought.
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Looking to purchase some stone?
Want it at the right price AND DELIVERED?
fill out the form and tell us of your requirements. (if you are looking for small quantities please refer to a local source as shipping costs on small orders usually offset any savings on orders of less than half a truckload)
* denotes required field
Job Name  
* List exact name of each stone, quantity and size of tiles.
List any comments.  
* Quantity  
* Thickness of material  
* Finish of material  
Company Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
*Email address
You WILL receive an error message if required fileds are not filled in
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