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Grout Removal Machine - WORKS GREAT!
Grouting made easy...
  • One of the most time consuming processes involved with grouting is the proper and efficient removal of the excess grout. Grout haze can ruin a wonderful project and nullify the beauty of the stone or tile. Even if a grout bag is used for filling the gaps, the clean up is critical and necessitates several workers, working in unison and quickly to apply the grout, float it into the gaps, sponge it clean, and make sure that any haze or residue is not left behind by sponging and rinsing additionally (while not making the grout too moist to effect the drying time!...)
  • One alternative is a Grout Removal Machine
  • We recently tested several methods and chose a flamed granite material which normally would represent a rugged challenge as the flamed surface is textured and prone to trap residue and haze to its unsmooth finish.
  • For the area around the pool deck a mixture of 30 mesh sand and Portland cement (4:1 ratio) was mixed swept over the entire area of pavers and into all the joints (3/8" / 1cm). The area was then dampened with a hose and then immediately passed over with the grout removal machine. The machine uses a conveyer belt sponge to slightly tanmp the grout, thoroughly clean the surface of the tile while rinsing the sponge in its own bucket.
  • After one pass, the surface was clean. Remarkably clean and NO HAZE.
  • Total time to grout 800 sq. ft of decking was about 3 hours- one person.
  • If a wet grout mixture were used, there would be more time in mixing the grout, and grout application, plus more laborers would be required due to the timing involved of the drying. The most impressive result with the Grout Removal Machine was that after one pass the surface was 99% finished and dried without any haze or further work required. Only some minor residue gathered and was easily swept away at the end of the project.
  • The Grout removal machine (retails for under $2000 for model shown) can be used on indoor projects or outside. More info on the Grout Removal machine can be found at

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