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Marble Institute of America – 2001 Project Award


Residential Interior
Award of Excellence
Rocky Mountain Stone Co., Inc.

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
New Mexico Private Residence
Architect/Designer: Cooper, Robertson & Partners, Architecture
General Contractor: Bradbury Stamm
Stone Supplier: New Mexico Travertine, Inc.
Stone Fabricator: Rocky Mountain Stone Co., Inc.
Stone Installer: Rocky Mountain Stone Co., Inc.
The design intent of the architect was to create a spacious shower/steam room, using native materials, that would allow the beautiful rolling hills of Northern New Mexico to become part of the space. The material used was Scheherazade travertine, vein cut, filled and honed. The designer required the entire job to be book matched, which given the space and the patterning of the material required extensive planning and precise cutting to accomplish.
Judges Comments: We liked the use of local material. The book matching was very unusual and the basket weave pattern on the floor was very effective. A very nicely done job that achieves the designer’s objective.

Award of Merit
T & R Cut Stone & Tile

Canton, Ohio USA
Stimer Residence
Designer: Rose Stimer / Jeff Kohmann
Stone Supplier: Mont Granite, Inc.
Stone Fabricator: T & R Cut Stone & Tile
Stone Installer: T & R Cut Stone & Tile
The owners wanted an Old World appearance with copper accents incorporated into the project. They also wanted the buffet peninsula accented from the main kitchen countertops. The counter tops and backsplashes are Juperana Classico, the flooring is tumbled cross-cut Noce Travertine and the stair treads, risers and stringers are honed Durango Limestone. The copper accents were adhered and screwed to the walls prior to installing the stone with its broken joints.
Judges Comments: The broken and reassembled slabs accented with the copper inserts was a very unusual concept and refreshingly different. The stone compliments the wood work and the design is appropriate for the environment.

Commercial Exterior
Award of Excellence
David Allen Company, Inc.

Raleigh, North Carolina USA
North Carolina Museum of Natural Science
Architect/Designer: Robert Winston Carr, Inc.
General Contractor: Beers, Davidson Jones Group
Stone Supplier: David Allen Company
Stone Fabricator: Indiana Limestone Company and North Carolina Granite
Stone Installer: David Allen Company, Inc.
The museum building is the largest of its kind in the Southeast. The stone work covers more than 100,000 square feet and consists of thermal Green County Granite, variegated Indiana Limestone and Georgia White Marble. Impressive 20-foot high round granite columns grace the main entrance with 40-foot high columns complementing the domed area. The entire exterior is limestone and granite, including many radius pieces. The exterior landscaping features paving of limestone and granite and 300 lineal feet of granite benches.

Judges Comments: This is a job that every stone person would want to do. Every component of the fabrication, both heavy and delicate, is very nicely detailed and the radius work on the rotunda is a fine example of excellent craftsmanship. This is a grand museum, strong but not overstated.

Award of Merit
Granicor, Inc.

St. Augustin, Quebec Canada
McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota Gateway
Architect/Designer: Antoine Predock – Korsunsky Krank Erickson
General Contractor: M.A. Mortenson
Stone Supplier: Granicor, Inc.
Stone Fabricator: Granicor, Inc.
The building is a large facetted, rock-like structure clad in 40,000 square feet of Granite Acajou panels and referred to as “The Geode”. It is comprised of nine surfaces at several different angles intersecting each other. There are several skylights and 12” skylight strips intersecting the surfaces. Wind loads, snow loads, deflection of the structure, and construction loads all needed to be considered in designing the granite panels and connections.
Judges Comments: This was a very unusual job for a client with a vision. The glass used as stone, wrapping through the building is beautifully done. A very detailed and challenging design and engineering project.

Commercial Interior
Award of Excellence
Italian Marble & Tile Co., Inc.

Sylmar, California USA
Ronald Reagan Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse
Santa Ana, California
Architect/Designer: Gruen Associates / Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
General Contractor: Ray Wilson Company
Stone Supplier: Mariotti Carlo e Figli srl
Stone Fabricator: Mariotti Carlo e Figli srl
Stone Installer: Italian Marble & Tile Co., Inc.
The stone used on both the exterior and interior walls and floors is honed Classic Travertine and honed Noce Travertine. Radiused stone was used on both the interior and exterior serpentine walls of the piano-shaped entrance pavilion. The architectural design included solid stone at interior corners, an elliptic-shaped grand staircase, solid stone door jambs at courtroom entrances, solid panned stone sills, honey combed stone panels at exit doors, 40-foot high cladded columns and hardscape solid bollards and mow strips. The travertine has a total of 17 Federal seals in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 16 feet in diameter carved in bas-relief and accented with 24 carat gold leaf.
Judges Comments: The simplicity of the curved wall is elegantly understated while the more mundane parts of the structure are treated beautifully. The radius-cut travertine is integrated inside and out and flows and melds very nicely.

Award of Merit

Rugo & Carosi, LLC

Woodbridge, Virginia USA
Mother of Divine Providence Chapel
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Architect/Designer: Anthony J. Segreti, AIA
General Contractor: Rugo & Carosi, LLC
Stone Supplier: Rugo & Carosi, LLC
Stone Fabricator: Vicentina Marble
Stone Installer: Ruge & Carosi, LLC
The chapel is the last of over 60 chapels and oratories constructed in the Basilica over the last 70 years. The previously unfinished space held a Portuguese Limestone statue of Mary and the Infant Jesus, sculpted by Theodore Barbarossa. The space was designed to be consistent with the Byzantine Romanesque character of the Narthex of the Upper Church. Book matched polished Botticino Classico was used for the wall cladding. A contrasting marble, matching one of the columns in the Upper Church, was used for the polished and book matched vertically fluted background for the statue. The marble was the last of four Skiros Nicol blocks and was also used for the turned and tapered columns flanking the statue. The polished marble bases and architraves of the columns were fabricated from Botticino Fiorito and support an illuminated domed ceiling feature above the statue.
Judges Comments: This is a well done, well executed beautiful job and the carving and capitals show exquisite craftsmanship. This was an installation challenge that was masterfully completed.

Commercial Interior & Exterior
Award of Special Recognition
M / S Bramco WLL

Ghala Seeb Oman
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Ghubrah Oman
Architect/Designer: M / S Quad Design (London & Oman)
General Contractor: M / S Tarmac Alawi
Stone Supplier: M / S Bramco WLL
Stone Fabricator: M / S Bramco WLL
Stone Installer: M / S Bramco WLL
The Grand Mosque is the central place of worship in the Sultanate of Oman and is also a center for Islamic culture, civilization and literature. With the Main Prayer Hall, a separate hall for women, and the exterior spaces, the mosque can accommodate over 20,000 worshipers, making it one of the largest in the world. Marbles used throughout the complex include Travertine Navona, Classico, Nocce and Persiano. Fabrication of the mosaic panels was done in a studio in Bahrain especially built for this construction. The panels included stones in green, beige, orange, brown, mahogany, while and yellow sourced from India, Italy, Spain and Oman.
Judges Comments: This project was absolutely stunning. All the materials were used in the appropriate place for the right reasons. It was a very challenging installation and coordinating the fabrication of the panels, pavers and mosaics was a monumental task.

Thomas A. Kligerman
Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects P.C.
New York, New York

Paul Vigna
Artisan Tile & Marble of New Jersey
Somerset, New Jersey

Vincent Migliore
Technical Director
Marble Institute of America
Rocky Mountain Stone Co. Inc.- Residential Interior
Rocky Mountain Stone Co. Inc. - Residential Interior
T & R Cut Stone & Tile- Residential Interior
T & R Cut Stone & Tile - Residential Interior
David Allen Company, Inc. - Commercial Exterior
David Allen Company, Inc. - Commercial Exterior
Granicor, Inc - Commercial Exterior
Granicor, Inc - Commercial Exterior
Italian Marble & Tile Co., Inc - Commercial Interior
Italian Marble & Tile Co., Inc - Commercial Interior
Rugo & Caroisi, LLC - Commercial Interior
Rugo & Caroisi, LLC - Commercial Interior
M/S Bramco, WLL - Commercial Interior & Exterior
M/S Bramco, WLL - Commercial Interior & Exterior
M/S Bramco, WLL - Commercial Interior & Exterior
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