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Advertorial Information - The Mosaic Art of Bruno Zenobio
Mosiacist Bruno Zenobio has been making secular and religious mosaics for over 30 years.

The process of creating his art begins with a consultation with the client, after which time a color rendering is produces to scale of the final product.

Both the Ravennate and the Veneziano methods are used in creating his mosaics. In the Venziano method, the mosaic is glued onto paper in reverse and then cemented to the wall. In the Ravennate method the drawing is transferred to a plywood panel. The panel is then polyurethaned and covered with a wire mesh. A layer of glue consisting of white cement, powdered marble and a special resin-epoxy is spread out on the panel and each mosaic tile is pressed up to half of its thickness into the glue. This mosaic panel (plywood, mesh and mosaic tiles) is then secured to the wall with a metal bolt. This allows for an easy and economical removal for restoration.

Large installations are completed in sections. The panels are numbered and put together on the wall like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Other examples of Bruno Zenobio's artistry may be found on his website.

    US Representation through:
    Nick Nardo
    67-66 108th Street
    Suite D-32
    Forest Hills, NY 11375

  • Mosaic pieces

    Installation panel


    The finished mosaic

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