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Marmomacc 2002- Review of Verona Show
Antolini Luigi Collezione 2002 Antolini Luigi Collezione 2002 Antolini Luigi Collezione 2002 Antolini Luigi Collezione 2002
October 3-6, 2002 Verona, Italy

After last year's decline in attendance due to the September 11 tragedy, Marmomacc 2002 rebounded as attendees returned and were treated to new machinery, new ideas, and an entertaining presentation of new materials from Antolini Luigi.
  • The 2002 Collection from Antolini Luigi was showcased as a glamour event as beautiful models carried stone samples like purses and caught the attention of stone enthusiasts in this creative presentation. Not to be overlooked, were the large slabs of onyx backlighted inside the booth showing the beauty of natural stone that is rarely displayed in such a dramatic manner. Kudos for the energetic and elaborate effort and one can only guess what Antolini Luigi & Co. will do next year to top this!
  • Marmomacc 2002 was blessed with good weather so indoor and outdoor exhibits attracted attention. The contrast from ancient craft to modern technology shifted as one meandered throughout the Verona Fiera. Waterjet technology versus hand cut inlaid mosaics, Power versus Delicate, Polished versus Bush-hammered, Hi-Tech versus Third World, Tumbled and Antiqued versus Gloss and Shine- all add to the dynamic nature of the stone industry. What did not seem to fit into the mix of all the NATURAL stone products were the stands dedicated to engineered stones. The definition of Marmomacc is "world’s most important exhibition for the marble and stone industry". StonEXPO has excluded the resin/quartz based engineered products from its US trade show and the presence of the non-natural, manufactured Silestone, Caesarstone, etc. seems to run contrary to the rhythm of purists who appreciate natural stone products.
  • Trends- Design seems to be coming more and more important and some of the displays showing a designer's touch placed them ahead of the class and indicates that design and artistic presentation will become more important in the future. It is no longer enough to find a new stone, or to invent a more efficient way to transform a block of material into a finished product. The finished product has to have merit, both structurally and aesthetically in design. Some of the new vanities and bowls displayed are striking as they push the limit of sleek and simple. The influx of the design element into the stone industry is creating great things as stone is transcending traditional roles and reaching larger market bases as it is well received. Attention to design is growing our industry as the building industry "rediscovers" stone for the first time.
  • War is good business?-   The beautiful city of Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina is rehabilitating the old bridge that was destroyed during their civil war. The labor and materials are being supplied by the local economy, while funding for this project is received from a variety partners involved in the project, including the Agha Kahn Trust for Culture and World Monuments Fund, The World Bank, and Unseco. Detailed drawings of the renovation project were on display between Hall 15 and 16 and the attention to detail make this an involved project and costly undertaking.
  • Onix in backlight Breton CNC Router Breton CNC Router Breton CNC Router finsihed shower pan hand crafter medallion inlay from India marble bowl Mostar Bridge project Porphyry and granite pavers Iternazionale Graniti booth Onyx Fountain
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